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"I will travel 'til my

country home is found."

-The Avett Brothers

"I will travel 'til my

country home is found."

-The Avett Brothers

About Me


Do you travel?


Would you like to?


If you answer no to both, then I probably don’t have much to offer you here, and that’s okay. But if you travel or if you’d ever like to, pull up a chair.


When I travel, I always hear from friends and family who say they’re jealous, or they’re “living vicariously,” or they wish they could travel like I do. Another frequent refrain has been, “you should do this for a living.”


So, here I am, doing it. I’m here to help you travel.

I am convinced that the task of planning a vacation is the reason why so many people don’t go on vacation. Or, why so many people take exactly one vacation per year, always to the same routine location. But if you’ve been dreaming of the Venetian canals or the hills of Scotland for the last 5 years, why are you going back to the beach?


Let me help you stop talking about where you might go someday and instead start planning what you’ll do when you get there.

how i can help you

“What do you wanna do?”

“I dunno. What do YOU wanna do?”

These banal exchanges (and we’ve all had them) are irritating when you’re just trying to choose a restaurant for dinner, but they’re a ridiculous – and pricey – waste of time on vacation. While there’s something to be said for spontaneity and “winging it,” you get more bang for your buck when you have a plan, even if you decide to take a few detours along the way.

Vacations are expensive – and not just in dollars and cents. Your time is an even more valuable commodity.

Many tour companies offer group tours and cookie-cutter, generalized itineraries that make planning easy, but can leave you playing follow-the-leader or wasting huge blocks of time on activities you may not find appealing.

I can help you eliminate the time-consuming process of researching and planning your trip while making it easier for you to enjoy the vacation you deserve.


What I offer is an itinerary customized to you – your budget, your interests, and your schedule – to ensure that every moment (and every penny) of your vacation is well spent.

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