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I could waste a lot of time telling you about myself and what I do, but the best way to hear that is from the customers who have made this business possible. They're the reason this company exists and they challenge me to keep getting better.


Pictured in New York, NY

I recently used Amanda to help with a girls' trip to NYC. I had never been to the city and was overwhelmed with the thought of planning for our group. Amanda took all of our must see items and organized an incredible trip from start to finish. Getting around in a new city can be really stressful, but Amanda's amazing trip itinerary took away all of that stress and allowed us to sit back and enjoy our trip. We didn't have to worry about navigating the subway or if it would be quicker to take a cab...Amanda had it all laid out for us! I absolutely fell in love with NYC thanks to Amanda's planning and will definitely be using her to plan my next trip!


Pictured (with his sister) in New York, NY

I don't know if I've stopped and taken the time to tell you how excited I am about this NYC trip. I'm so excited and it's majorly because of you - not just your wonderful planning skills either. You were able to calm me down before going my first time, made a plan, maps, etc... You took the wilderness and made it "tame," affordable and etc...THANK YOU!


Pictured in Venice, Italy

We saved so much time and money and we were able to do and see more than I ever imagined during our trip to Italy. Everything was provided: the timed itinerary, the bus schedules, pre-purchased tickets and even walking tours of the cities complete with maps. It really made traveling easy. I didn't have to lift a finger!

Steve and Beverly

Pictured in Mount Ranier National Park, WA

We really appreciated all your research including how much driving to do each day, the perfect places to eat (totally based on our tastes and budget), and the best scenic choices. We liked the folder for each day which included things to see, how much time to spend at each stop, driving times and distances and meal choices. Every night, we arrived at well-chosen accommodations. Our itinerary was personalized just for us based on the things we enjoy and what we could do based on our disabilities and finances.


Pictured (with her daughter) in San Francisco, CA

I have been on easily a dozen or so trips I planned myself. The legwork, planning, train/air schedule checking made it feel more like work than an exciting expedition. The pain of that multiplied when I traveled with others. The responsibility for my co-travelers’ comfort and satisfaction with the trip was sometimes overwhelming. Then I discovered the talents of Amanda Stanley. I have not planned a trip since and never will again. She provides detailed itineraries that even include additional conveniently located sites that are custom-fitted to my interests and ground travel suggestions that ensure convenience when I’m trying to navigate an unfamiliar place.  Not having to figure out what subway stop to go to in busy Manhattan is one of the many perks I have enjoyed using this service! With her help, I've enjoyed New York, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville, and the list goes on. It’s a real comfort to know that I can trust Amanda to make a-once-in-a-lifetime trip truly one I can enjoy fully in the moment worry-free and look back on with happiness.


Pictured in Nashville, TN

Visiting Nashville was a bucket list item. However, I didn't know all the best things to do while there. Having Amanda build an itinerary took away the time and stress of planning it myself. I was able to hit all the places I'd hoped to see and many others I didn't even know I should. It was a fantastic trip and I highly recommend using Traveling Song for your next vacation.


Pictured in Seattle, WA

Amanda planned a trip to Seattle for me while I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a large list of "must sees" and several "would really like to sees" and I pretty much hit them ALL -- and at a pace that factored in my pregnant energy (or lack thereof). She built in flexibility and rest times that made the trip both enjoyable and feasible while pregnant. Amanda's ability to organize and pay attention to detail is unparalleled and I would love to explore any location with her at the helm!


Pictured in Georgetown, Colorado

Ever since my first experience getting travel info from Amanda for a whirlwind vacation that spanned from Scotland to Wales and hit much of England in between, I call her my super-planner! If you tell her what you want to see, she'll make it happen. In 2016, she visited me and organized a sight-seeing trip in my own back yard! Seriously, why should I figure out where to go in my home state when I can have HER show ME around?!

Jeremy and Tiffany

Pictured in Wilmington, NC

Amanda helped me plan a perfect anniversary trip with my wife in Wilmington, NC. My wife Tiffany loves One Tree Hill, so Amanda helped guide me to some show locations that thrilled her (bonus points for me!) and plenty of options for activities we could enjoy together. We loved the suggested restaurants as well!


Pictured in Brooklyn, NY

I enjoyed it all! I didn't have to do any planning and could just go with your plan knowing you had a full understanding of what I wanted to do and see. You took the work out of it and I just had to show up! I loved the balance between old and new New York represented in your itinerary. Plus, the food options were great!


Pictured in Austin, TX

I only had 24 hours in Austin, but I scoped out sites from Friday Night Lights, took a boat cruise to view the bats flying out, and spent time downtown as well as visiting the Capitol. Amanda will get you the most bang for your buck! And that breakfast at Kerbey Lane was so good!

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