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Commission your own

Tell me a little about yourself and where you'd like to go, and I'll plan your trip for you, so you can start relaxing right now!


When you’re ready to travel without the hassle of researching points of interest and public transportation and hours of operation, my fees to hand-make your personal, detailed itinerary are calculated as follows.

The base fee exists for the time spent researching where you're going -- discovering the most popular attractions, sights and restaurants which you may want to experience. Example: If you're traveling to Seattle (a single, domestic destination), your base fee is $50. If you're splitting time in Seattle and Portland, the base fee for those two destinations is $70.

The planning fee covers building your daily itinerary -- deciding the most logical order for your activities based on location, days and hours of operation, and predicting how much time you'll need at each stop, so you're not rushed, but also not wasting time.

The optional add-ons are self-explanatory. Not everyone wants their restaurants chosen in advance and some people are more comfortable navigating public transportation than others. You'll only owe the booking fee if you want me to use your credit card and personally book your tickets or travel versus pointing you to where and how to process those payments on your own.

In our example trip to Seattle, a four-day trip plan would be $170. With the optional add-on for restaurants, it would be $230. Make sense?

If you have any questions or would like me to price out a trip plan for you, feel free to email me at to get started. We'll talk about where you want to go and discuss your travel preferences so that your vacation is perfectly suited to you and your companions.


A 50% deposit is required to start your plan with the balance due at the time of delivery.



Not ready to invest in a tailor-made vacation plan? That's okay. Check out the selection of pre-made plans and guides to find a trip that's right for you.

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