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"The Day Will Come, the Sun Will Rise..."

It’s Easter Sunday in quarantine, and I’m doing what I can to keep from going stir-crazy by embracing my inner homebody and focusing on gratitude for the time to tackle unfinished projects. Today, that meant framing and hanging some photos from my travels.

As I looked through prints, I found myself reflecting on two of my favorite sunrise photos, which share one thing in common: They were both taken on mornings when I nearly stayed in bed.

Some years ago, I adopted a mantra from a line in an Avett Brothers song, which I repeat to myself (and sometimes to others) when the skies of life get dark: “The day will come, the sun will rise, and we’ll be fine.” I think about that every time I see a sunrise. Easter Sunday also seems like a good time to reflect on the light that chases away the darkness.

Almost five years ago on another Sunday, I was crawling into bed at The Yellow House in Bar Harbor, Maine, a little travel weary and disappointed in the weather forecast which threatened to doom my chance at a bucke